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Summer patio tour

   Patio is also an important component part of your summer life. Just think how cool and cosy it is that play with your families or entertain guests in a beautiful patio with flowers and trees! So it’s time to upgrade your patio. It’s not difficult. You can plant some flowers with different colors that makes your patio colorful. Pallet day bed or DIY table with built-in brink coolers is also a good idea. Of course, if you have more budget, you can add more decorations to your patio. Summer is finally here! Throw a unique summer on your patio, but don’t let your trivially locate there. Here we come up several wonderful patio upgrade ideas for you. Have fun!

   Today I’ll be sharing a tour of my outdoor rental space. We are renting as we begin to build soon but having this space has been so special which backs up to the forest and a beautiful pond!

   The first thing I did this year was to create a fun corner on the patio for… you guessed it, me! I don’t often have a space to call my own but when I saw this high back rattan chair I knew I was about to create one. However,it comes in handy for quiet time in the morning and reading or chatting (or blogging) in the evening and is crazy cozy and comfy!

   I styled it complete with a textural pink pillow, a black and white shag pouf to prop my feet up on and of course greenery and flowers. Love this wooden pot I stumbled upon recently too!

   A bright pink Oleander tree in my favorite pot with flowers left over from my Styled + Set Entertaining Tour fill up the opposite corner. Just that pretty little pop of pink over here makes this side of out outdoor space.

   For our sitting area, we have a couple of comfy wicker chairs with a nice thick cushioned seat – perfect for sitting and chatting with a nice glass of lemonade or other summer drink!

   Of course, you always need somewhere to completely sprawl out, so we did manage to fit one lounger onto the patio. This cute whale pillow from Target added the perfect touch.

   I used my cream colored, faux, burlap trim outdoor pillows that I’ve had for years but added this great over sized lumbar in a black and white stripe!

   The black and white hanging wall basket is a staple here and adds some texture and personality to the space. We actually left it outside all winter long and it’s still like brand new.

   More pillows over here that I’m smitten with. The black and white geometric pillow is an outdoor pillow and adds a ton of texture and pattern here. The more colorful wedding blanket pillow however is an indoor pillow from my recent One Room Challenge post. I could’t stand not having at least one pop of pink over here so this one fit the bill, at least temporarily until I can find an outdoor pillow that works here.

   More pops of color and texture on this end of the sectional with potted plants and flowers. I’ve incorporated a mosquito plant this year too…hoping it works because there are some giant mosquitoes here in Houston, lol!  Have any of you used these before and do they work?

   I sure hope you’ve enjoyed my Summer Patio Tour and please make sure to hop on over to visit both of my fabulous friends. You can link to both of their beautiful posts below the next photo so please don’t miss it!!

  • Aug 03, 2018
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